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Dr. Maria Perri, DC

The Wellness Springs Story

It was not long after beginning my private practice as a chiropractor in 1985, that I realized that for patients to get well, and STAY well, they had to learn how to effectively manage stress and make better health choices more consistently. For this to occur, a mind-body-spirit approach was necessary, one that emphasized a lifestyle of healthy habits.

During this time, I had a dream of creating a multidisciplinary center, one that offered ALL of the services that  could “treat the whole person”.  I envisioned a warm and nurturing environment where patients not only experienced less pain, but had vibrant energy, were less effected by stress and also aged more gracefully. That dream came to fruition in December 2000 when I founded Wellness Springs.

I have taken great effort to ensure that our services and products are the very best available and that each member of our staff is exceptional at what they do.

Customer service has always been our primary focus. Our philosophy is very simple. We treat every client as we would want ourselves or our family to be treated. Our patients, clients and guests feel cared about and listened to.

Our integrative approach is focused to help you achieve your health goals:

    • Acute and chronic pain relief
    • Stress management
    • Nurturing and rejuvenation
    • Peak performance
    • Injury prevention
    • Natural anti-aging solutions
    • Healthy living coaching

We’ve grown over the years.  We opened a Yoga Studio in 2005 and a second massage office at West Point Military Academy in 2010.  We also launched a sucessful Corporate Wellness Program in 2010.  In 2011, we expanded again and created a Complete Functional Performance program which focuses on peak athletic performance and injury prevention.

So many people tell me what a special place Wellness Springs is!  They begin to feel relaxed as soon as they walk in the door.  I just smile and feel so grateful to have this opportunity to work and play here.   You’ll feel it too..

The greatest journeys begin just one step at a time.  I invite you to take the first step today toward improved health and vitality – come visit us at Wellness Springs.

~ Dr. Maria Perri, DC ~


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