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Thank you so much for making me the healthy person I am today. Before seeing you I had headaches every day and horrible digestive problems. The change of diet and natural supplements made a world of a difference. I wasn’t sure that I could do it but I did and it was worth it! I rarely get a headache and no longer have acid reflux or digestive problems. You have changed my life and I now have a totally new life style. You are such a ray of sunshine! Your new clients, with a little bit of sacrifice, will soon reap the benefits!

Thank you so much,


Hi, my name is Colleen. I am 13 years old and have been going to Dr. Perri for about a month. I’ve been going there because of a pain I get in my tailbone. I noticed it would hurt when I sat down or stood after sitting for a while. Dr. Perri told me that it could be because of my posture. She showed me the correct way to sit. She also relaxed and aligned my spine. Every time I went, she showed me something new to help. I would have never thought of the things she said. Now I notice how I am sitting and rarely feel any pain in my tailbone. I’m so glad my mom thought to bring me to Dr. Perri.

 Coleen M



When I first came to Dr. Maria Perri, my neck and upper back were extremely painful due to an accident I had several years before. I’d been to many other chiropractors over the years that simply did an adjustment. I was very impressed by the time she took with me to explain my condition; no one else had done that. She gave me exercises to do at home, tips on how to hold my neck when driving and explained ways to reduce stress. It was the first time I felt I had some control over my condition. I am now pain free and more active that I’ve ever been and I have her to thank for it!

Judi Kowalski
Highland Mills, NY


I’ve been coming to see Maria (Dr. Perri) for over 4 years. When I was new to the area, there was something compelling and inviting about the little house with the flowers all around and the curtains in the windows. It didn’t look like any chiropractor’s office I had ever seen before. And it wasn’t.

Maria’s methodology is to make your entire body whole not just treat an ache or pain, although she does that too. She has helped ease my aching back, given instruction on stretching that keeps me feeling well and advised an exercise plan that not only raised my metabolism level (which is abominably hard to do over 40) but I no longer take medicine for an overactive (or was it underactive?) thyroid.

Her manner is pleasant and informative both and it is always a pleasure to visit. Maria, you are a real treasure! Thank you for all of your help.

Fondly, Barbara Dobilas
New Windsor, NY


After seeing an orthopedist and a neurologist with no success, you were the light at the end of my tunnel. I left your office crying one day, not from pain, but from the joy of knowing that you found my problem and would help me become well!

Loretta Streichert
Sugarloaf, NY


I wanted to thank you so much for the “movie night”. I enjoyed myself so much! I’m still thinking about the movie and look forward to seeing it again. I loved the people who gathered; our discussions before and after the movie; the wonderful foods (your edible flowers were beautiful & delicious); and mostly – all the love present. Thank you for providing this to the community – what a great idea!!! I look forward to the last Friday of each month – a new adventure!

Love, Arlene Caterino
Highland Mills, NY


Well Pat did it! It’s been six months and I haven’t had one craving. NOT ONE! Six years ago I quit cold turkey and it was awful. My first session with Pat lasted an hour and a half and my personal objective was not to have cravings. I had two follow-up sessions after and now it’s engrained – I’m an ex-smoker. I will never pick up a cigarette again. Thanks Pat!

Larry Bear
Tuxedo, NY


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