FAQ’s about Yoga

Questions about Yoga

:: What should I wear to a yoga class?

It is advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing (similar to what would be suitable for any other exercise class). Your instructor should be able to see your form easily and make any corrections necessary to prevent unnecessary injury during a class. Also, keep in mind that classes are taken in bare feet and since body temperatures vary, it may be a good idea to layer and brings socks for relaxation time. This way you can adapt easily to whatever changes your body goes through during the class.


:: Should I bring my own mat?

Yes, please bring your own mat. If you do not own a mat, we have several loaners available. Mats are also available for purchase at our Wellness store.


:: Should I eat before or after yoga class?

It is best to have a light meal or snack 1-2 hours prior to class so that your body will have the appropriate fuel to practice. Be sure to eat large meals at least 3 hours prior to practice in order to avoid feeling sluggish or uncomfortable during some of the poses. It is OK to bring a water bottle to class.


:: Can I still do yoga if I’m not flexible?

Yes! The yoga poses can be adapted to fit any level of flexibility. You will find with steady practice, your own flexibility may increase. This is just ONE of the many benefits to yoga.


:: Will doing yoga conflict with my regular workouts?

No. In fact, yoga can be an effective aid to whatever form of exercise you are currently engaged in. Yoga brings increased flexibility, stronger sense of balance, heightened concentration and increased breath capacity, which can be a great benefit to any physical activity.


:: Is yoga a religion?

No. The word yoga means to yoke or join together. This union is in reference to the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a system of structural poses and breath work, designed thousands of years ago to aim at quieting and controlling the body and mind.


:: What kind of yoga class should I take?

We have a brief description of each of our yoga classes in the Yoga section of the website. It is best to pick one that is convenient for YOUR needs and schedule. You should feel connected and secure with the instructor and the style in which they are teaching. There is a variety enough for any need. Most importantly, the experience should always be enjoyable!


:: Will yoga help me to loose weight?

Yes! Yoga aids in weight loss, not only as a result of the postures and muscle toning, but also from the increased awareness to eating habits. You may notice, a subtle, but powerful desire to eat healthier in direct connection to the greater sense of well being Yoga induces.


:: Can I do yoga even if I am a “type A” or hyper personality?


Yes! You may find difficulty with the slower pace at first. However, with persistence, sincerity, and dedication, you will feel the benefits and deep calm which results from regular yoga practice. Many MD’s and therapists are recommending Yoga as a vital part of stress reduction and wellness programs. It is an unfortunate fact that those who need Yoga the most are often the most reluctant to try it!


:: Do I have to know how to meditate to do yoga?

No. Previous experience of meditation is NOT necessary to do yoga. A brief period of guided relaxation is usually offered at the beginning and end of every yoga session.


:: Do I have to breathe any particular way?

Each instructor will guide the students to the various techniques of breathing used in classes. These are easy to learn and always optional.


:: What is the OHM sound made in the beginning and end of each class?

The OHM sound is essentially the vibration of creation. Making this sound allows us to feel the vibration in our body. It is a subtle way to guide us from the stress of non-stop thinking and “doingness” into being fully present in the moment. Making this sound helps to focus our mind, relax our body and awaken our creative spirit.


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