Executive Wellness Retreats


 3 – 5 day Corporate Wellness Retreats

Our Wellness Retreats are customized programs of nurturing, fine-tuning and educating that will change your life!
After an intial interview, an individualized program is co-created and may include the following services:


::  Stress Management

  • Stress evaluations  –  Effective to identify stress, target solutions  and also  monitor progress
  • Natural remedies  –  Specific for managing stress naturally & improving sleep
  • Breathing instruction  –  Easily the most important tool for stress management
  • Meditation  –  Simple ways to calm the mind and relax the body
  • Mindful eating  –   Learn to use mealtime as a time to be present and relax deeply.  Especially recommended for those with  digestive problems.


:: Functional Solutions for Chronic Pain

  • Individualized Functional evaluation and program for Chronic and Recurrent Pain including Back pain, headache and carpal tunnel.


:: Nutritional counseling

  • Evaluation of eating habits vs. goals
  • Self monitoring techniques including PH testing
  • Weight loss / Ideal weight for a lifetime programs
  • Condition specific lifestyle eating program (ie Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue, Lymes, Auto-Immune Diseases)


::  Personal Training and Stretching

  • Personal Functional Training – Ideal for those who have limited time.  Your  individualized program can be continued at home or on the road
  • Performance Training – For Peak Athletic Performance with corrective exercise home & travel programs
  • Private stretch session– Luxury at it’s best – a one on one session of assisted stretching


::  Relaxation, Yoga & Movement Private Classes

  • Relaxation private class – Combining gentle movements with various mind/body techniques to create a daily ritual of unraveling
  • Beginner to advanced one hour private Yoga sessions  –  Featuring restorative poses, breathing exercises for relaxation
  • Chi movement private class – Awaken our “Chi” or life energy with self care exercises that can be uses to combat fatigue or jet lag and promote overall health and vitality

Note:  our philosophy is that Yoga is NOT about flexibility
but about connecting your breath and body fully in this moment
This focus allows the body and mind to relax deeply

::   Spa services

  • Massage
  • Facials
  • Body Treatments
  • Acupuncture facial rejuvenation
  • Clarisonic Opal instruction for daily home use
  • Waxing

Your program may  include one to two spa services daily.
View our lists of available spa services here.


::  Natural Health Care services

What are you health goals?  Are you in chronic pain?  Are you a competitive athlete who would like to work on peak performance?
Depending on individual needs and health goals, a variety of services can be included in the daily program of care including:

::  Chiropractic

  • Optimizing posture and correcting faulty patterns of holding chronic tension in the body
  • Relieving chronic tension and pain with gentle, specific and effective expert hands on treatment
  • Creating an individualized home/travel program of corrective stretching and stabilizing exercises


::  Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and weight loss

  • Stopping smoking is the most significant health change a person can make.
  • Targeting the unconscious beliefs that keep a person on the Yo-Yo of weight loss and gain.


::  Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture is highly effective for stress or pain management, smoking cessation and weight loss


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for information about our Executive Retreat programs

Pricing is based on program choices