We offer an active care approach

Our approach to chiropractic is truly unique. Dr Perri has a Diploma in Rehabilitation and both she and Dr. Jodi Bolsenbroek continue an avid course of study so they can provide patients with the latest methods and treatments to help them achieve optimal health.


:: The old addage “Once you start going, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life” is not true at our office

In fact, our Doctors are careful to avoid fostering dependency using a treatment approach called “active care”. During “active care” our goal is to find and correct the true underlying causes of the discomfort or pain, empower the patient with self-care exercises and then release them from care.

The patient is included in their own treatment which gives a patient control over their healing process. This is especially important with chronic pain patients.


:: We address the underlying causes

By addressing underlying causative issues like poor posture while sitting at a computer or driving, poor patterns of lifting and bending, in-coordination in movement, muscle weakness, poor cardio-vascular fitness, poor balance and general de-conditioning, the patient has an opportunity to get better and to maintain a home program that keeps them better. It is empowering to the patient and cost-effective.


:: Treatment is gentle, painless and most importantly progressive

During office visits, our Doctors take the time to first relax the muscles so they are able to give a Chiropractic treatment that is gentle, specific and painless. Because of Dr. Perri’s extensive training and study, you can be assured that treatment decisions at Perri Chiropractic are based on evidence that is reported in research studies and is cutting edge.

Most importantly, treatment is based on the needs and goals of our patients and is progressive. What this means is that treatment changes as the patient improves. Our Doctors are careful to address a patient’s posture, patterns of movement and fitness levels with an open awareness of the mind-body connection. This includes the importance of healthy habits, a good diet, and the ability to truly love and nurture ourselves.


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