The Functional Performance Group

:: Maria A. Perri DC, DACRB, FMS1

ACA’s 2013 Rehab Chiropractor of the Year Director of Wellness Springs   Dr. Maria Perri, a chiropractor since 1984, had been a life long student of movement and mindfulness.  She received a Diplomate in Rehabilitation in 2002.  She held a position as post-graduated faculty for three Chiropractic colleges and has lectured extensively since 1995, teaching in Diplomate Programs throughout the US, Canada and Europe. A Board Member of the American Chiropractic Board of Rehabilitation since 2003, she is a frequent speaker at their annual conventions. In addition, she authored a chapter in the textbook Rehabilitation of the Spine (2nd edition) and has published a scientific study on the relationship between breathing patterns, stress and chronic pain. She is passionate about teaching and bringing Functional Movement as a standard in prevention of injury, peak performance and the treatment of chronic pain.

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:: Bernadette Lupia BS, CFT, FMS1

Movement Specialist and Personal Trainer   Bernadette Lupia is a certified Crossfit Trainer and is certified in Functional Movement Screenings.  Bernadette has a B.S. degree in Human Nutrition and Foods and Dietetics from the University of Vermont. She has been a participant in the Wellness Springs community classes and workshops since she moved to the area from Switzerland 6 years ago. Her goal is to help individuals decrease pain and increase well-being and strength through stretching , movement and exercise.