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The word Yoga literally means union and originated in India over 5,000 years ago.
For centuries Yoga was taught exclusively to men.

Over the last few decades the teachings have come full circle and have become popular classes
taught in most gyms in America – and mostly to woman!

Yoga  helps us to unite body and mind.
It teaches us to be more fully present and to enjoy the moment.

It is less about  stretching and more about being flexible in our approach to life.
It teaches us how to face obstacles with courage and to stay with our breath when challenged,
whether it is on the mat or in our everyday life.

It is an approach to life that is mindful and continuously growing.

  We offer small group and private sessions of Yoga  at Wellness Springs along with
many special classes that promote well-being and mindfulness.

 Join us on your journey of living life more fully.


::Beginner Yoga

This class focuses on the foundations of a physical yoga practice- posture, alignment, breath, and relaxation. Explore the benefits yoga holds for you: greater strength, flexibility, balance, and ease. Modifications are always offered for different ability levels. Great for beginners, those with injuries and those returning to practice yoga with a beginner’s mind. Beginner yoga is about getting your body and breath moving in a laid -back group with no judgement and definitely no headstands.


:: Gentle Flow (a.k.a. Yoga for Well Being)

Perfect for the beginner or the student who wants to feel more relaxed and centered; delving deeper into developing Inner-Awareness. Each class will concentrate on fundamental hatha yoga postures, breathing techniques and proper alignment. Class ends with “active relaxation” allowing your entire mind, body and spirit to calm down. Gentle Flow reduces the effects of stress and will leave you feeling nourished and relaxed. No prior yoga experience needed,  ALL levels are welcome.


:: Vinyasa I

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice that links postures together with conscious use of the breath.  Like other yoga styles, Vinyasa equally develops strength and flexibility. Classes are designed to build from simpler sequences to more complex ones as the body warms up. This steady build, along with use of proper breath, supports the practitioner’s focus. Faster-paced than our gentle classes, yet accessible to most with some experience in yoga and/or for active beginners. 


:: Vinyasa II

Vinyasa II brings all the benefits of Vinyasa I, and then some. Great for bringing up the heart rate, strengthening the whole body, and building endurance. Come ready to work hard and relax deeply. Best for those with prior experience in a Vinyasa-style class.

:: Gentle Yoga

Students who are looking to balance a more active yoga practice, are pregnant, and/or those who are recovering from injury, suffer from arthritis or other chronic conditions will benefit from this nurturing, nourishing gentle practice. Students will experience a combination of gentle hatha yoga and deep restorative poses. This class helps increase range of motion and joint mobility as well as decreases stress and chronic pain. Participants will also experience guided relaxation/ yoga nidra to promote better sleep an overall sense of well being.


:: Yoga and Mindfulness for Care-givers

This 6 week Series teaches yoga and mindfulness to teachers, administrators, other school personnel  and all who work as care-givers on a daily basis.
The goal of this class to cultivate awareness, self- compassion and resilience.
Studies from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health show that yoga and mindfulness practices deepen self awareness, promote positive thoughts & emotions improve conflict resolution ability, empathy & compassion for self and others and help reduce stress, burnout, depression and anxiety.


 :: Special Classes ::

All of our special classes are infused with the principles of Yoga:  of being present, and linking our movement with our breath…

:: Restorative Yoga and Reiki Healing Energy

In this 90 minute class you will cultivate space for a deeper experience through supported poses
that promote deep muscle relaxation and calm the nervous system. As your body surrenders to
this blissful state, the application of Reiki Energy aides in the healing of physical, emotional and/or
mental stresses. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

:: MELT Method

The MELT Method uses treatment balls and rollers to rehydrate the connective tissue (fascia), re-balance the nervous system, create more space for joints, and boost the body’s own natural healing.

:: Improve your Sleep

With Dr. Maria Perri. Join us for an in-house version of one of our most popular corporate wellness classes which explores simple techniques that help calm the mind and relax the body for a good night’s sleep.

:: Pranayama and Meditation

Learn and practice traditional yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) to in
crease and balance energy flow in the body and prepare for meditation.
Class will include light stretching and a guided meditation. Appropriate for
beginners, those with more experience, and all fitness levels.


:: Explorations in Mindfulness

Experience a variety of techniques to cultivate mindfulness as not only an isolated practice but a guiding principle for living. Workshops include explorations of guided meditation, breathing and movement exercises, journal prompts, open discussion, and themed lessons from contemporary and ancient teachings.


 :: The Feldenkrais Method – Awareness Through Movement 

The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique system, which uses sensory-motor learning as a means of improving all aspects of our everyday functioning.  Awareness Through Movement® classes, the group format of this method, utilize verbally guided movement sequences with an emphasis on developing awareness and exploring options.   The movements are gentle and enjoyable and any effort, strain or discomfort is  carefully avoided.   After these lessons, people often feel taller and lighter, breathe more freely and move more fluidly.  The Feldenkrais Method helps people of all ages learn to move more easily and assists in learning to ease pain and chronic discomfort, improve posture, balance and flexibility, prevent injury and reduce stress and fatigue.


:: Tai ChiCherry300x284

Tai Chi is a type of low-impact, weight-bearing, and aerobic – yet relaxing – exercise. It began as a martial art in China. As it developed, it took on the purpose of enhancing physical and mental health. Practiced in a variety of styles, Tai Chi involves slow, gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation. Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medicationin motion.”

There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren’t in top shape or the best of health.  The classes are done in the standing position and help to improve strength, conditioning, co-ordination, and flexibility.  In addition Tai Chi is documented to improve balance and lower risk of falls.  It fosters greater awareness, calmness, and overall sense of well being


:: Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Discover the peace within through breath & body awareness
Mindfulness Practices include:

  • Sitting meditation
  • Mindful walking meditation
  • Dialogue to enhance awareness
  • Mindful movements and awareness of breathing
  • Development of emotional  literacy and body awareness
  • Mindful eating meditation

People choose to explore mindfulness practices for diverse reasons:

  •     Stress–job, family, finances
  •     Chronic pain, illness, fatigue
  •     Depression, bereavement
  •     Anxiety, panic, chronic worry
  •     GI distress, diabetes, heart disease
  •     Sleep disturbances
  •     High blood pressure
  •     Headaches. migraines
  •     Learning challenges
  •     Anger “management”
  •     Desire to create a rich inner life


:: Prague School Core Training Class

This class is a culmination of Dr. Perri’s last 20 years of study in the Prague School of Manual Medicine.   The classes teach the foundational information for pain free motion, balance, proper breathing and deep core stability.  This is a perfect class for  those who want to feel more comfortable in their bodies and move with greater ease AND address the key weaknesses, imbalances and “off” places that are at the root of most people’s chronic aches and pains.

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