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:: What is Yoga?

At its essence, yoga is an approach to healthy living that focuses on harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.  This is accomplished through learning to focus on the present with a series of exercises that link physical postures (asanas) with the breath. The result is a feeling of balanced energy, a calm heart, peaceful mind and a inner sense of well-being and joy.


::  It is NOT about flexibility

It really doesn’t matter how flexible you are, it is not a competition about flexibility at all.  Yoga teaches us how to stay present and use our breath when we are challenged.   And there is no conflict with studying yoga and maintaining your personal religious practices- in fact, the two compliment each other.


::  How can Yoga benefit me?

Yoga teaches you how to be more present and encourages you to honor yourself.  With regular practice you will enjoy the benefits of a relaxed, flexible, strong, and balanced body, mind and spirit. You will feel more fluid in your movement AND your thinking and you will age more gracefully.


:: Yoga at Wellness Springs

There are many styles of Yoga. Some studios are dedicated to a particular style and offer it exclusively. Our studio offers a variety of yoga styles and an assortment of classes that will fit your needs and level of experience, from those just beginning yoga to the very advanced student.

Loose comfortable clothing is advised. We have mats available, but encourage you to bring your own mat and water to refresh yourself during the class. We supply props if needed – bolsters, blocks, bands and blankets. Feel free to bring any special supplies of your own. You will be encouraged to develop a personal daily practice and to make yourself and your health a priority in your life.


:: About our Yoga staff

Our instructors have a depth of experience that is extraordinary. Each one is committed to their own personal growth and emits an inner joy that is simply refreshing.  Visit our yoga Staff page.


:: The real practice is “off the mat”

One of the core teachings in our classes is finding the balance between effort and surrender and then opening our hearts to grace. Our goal is to encourage that this learning transcends the classroom experience. The real practice of yoga is “off the mat” when we face life’s stresses with calmness, difficult people with compassion, and ourselves with gentleness and unconditional acceptance.


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