Weight Loss


Want to be your ideal weight?


We promote healthy lifestyle as a way to reach your ideal weight.  Be wary of weight loss programs that promise fast results and promote shakes, extended fasting or severe calorie restriction.  Don’t do it!

No doubt they are effective in the short run and it is possible to loose an incredible amount of weight while on these programs.  The problem is that they also have the very negative effect of lowering your metabolism.

Basically, the calorie restriction tricks your body into believing that you are in a famine and your body graciously responds by lowering your metabolism.  For hundreds of thousands of years this was an appropriate response that ensured survival.  Today, it ensures that you will re-gain the weight you lost plus more once you start eating normally again!


:: Lifestyle habits for lasting results

Lasting results stay with a lifestyle that includes healthful eating, regular exerices, meditation and living life to the fullest.  Our services can help in the short and long term.  Integrating Acupuncture or Hypnotherapy can give you a good jump start.  Nutritional Counseling and Personal Training will ensure success that lasts!

:: Acupuncture

Acupuncture is  helpful with weight loss in two very specific ways. The first is that acupuncture helps improve digestion and elimination. When we digest our food better, we get more nutrition out of it. When we eliminate waste more effectively, our bodies feel lighter and healthier and that perception helps us feel motivated to keep going with our weight loss goals.  By supporting your bodies effective absorption of nutrition through the small intestine, you will get more “good” out of the good foods you eat.

The more significant support is emotional. Many people are “emotional” eaters. Or they eat when they are tired and need fast energy to keep going. Acupuncture helps calm the nervous system and this is helpful for both situations.  If we sleep more restfully, we have more energy throughout the day and don’t need to grab a quick, – usually sugary – snack to get through the day.  As importantly, when we feel emotionally balanced and supported, we tend to re-think food choices instead of acting on auto-pilot. Acupuncture helps many people find an over-all sense of calm and emotional ease. This can help people make mindful choices and follow through with their weight management goals.


:: Hypnotherapy

Healthy eating habits are the key to a long and happy life.  Hypnotherapy changes your eating habits so that you can naturally, and in the appropriate time frame, shed excess weight.  Healthy eating habits are installed and any desires for large quantities of fat producing foods just fall away.  We like to think of it as “Weight Release”.

The United States is the most overweight country in the world.  Why is that? It is because we are eating too much of the wrong types of food.  Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to retrain your mind so that you desire to eat less and eat right.  The weight loss hypnosis program consists of 2 sessions.  In you first session, we talk about what to eat in order to lose weight.  We then talk about hypnosis and how it is so effective in changing behaviors.  You then have your hypnosis session, wherein we change the types of food that you eat as well as reduce the quantities that you eat.  A week later, you have your second hypnotherapy session.  In that session you learn how to do self hypnosis and have a second hypnosis session.  You receive a recording of that second session, a CD or an MP3.   This is a useful tool that helps you keep on track long term..  We  urge you to call Pat’s  direct line today at 845-928-7659 to make an appointment.



:: Nutritional Counseling

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:: Personal Training

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