Acupuncture for immediate relief


:: Chronic Pain relief

Chronic pain injuries are often a result of repetitive stress, an old accident or sports/dance injury that didn’t heal correctly or a result of a lack of exercise. Treating chronic pain with acupuncture provides immediate relief of the tension in muscles and soft tissue like tendons and ligaments. These structures compress nerves causing pain and organ dysfunction and can cause uneven wear on bones eventually resulting in arthritis, the leading cause of chronic pain.


::  Trigger Point Therapy

The style of acupuncture that has proven to be most effective for chronic structural injuries and pain is called Trigger Point. It was researched and developed by cardiologist, Dr. Janet Travell, JFK’s doctor during his years in the White House.   Dr. Travell noted that all muscles when palpated at specific locations, if they are constricted, will have “trigger points” that cause a predictable pain pattern.

Trigger Point acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the trigger points causing the muscle to fasciculate or twitch. This twitching engages a protective mechanism in the muscle that signals the nervous system to release the tension in the muscle reflexively. When trigger point acupuncture is combined with chiropractic, good nutrition and restful sleep, it allows the body to heal and regain balance.


Acupuncture is highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain
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