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Pain that persists more than 3 months is considered chronic pain.  Over time persistent pain causes subtle changes in the way our brain interprets signals from the body and responds to them.   A virtual software “arc of pain” develops that further perpetuates the pain cycle.  In time, our “software”  is altered and the way we move and even breath changes.  Chronic pain is difficult to treat and requires the special integrated mind/body approach offered at Wellness Springs.


:: Gentle and specific treatment

The Doctors at Perri Chiropractic are experts in the treatment of chronic pain.  Our expertise is not limited to just the back and neck.  We have years of experience and great success in treating many chronic health conditions along with chronic musculo-skeletal and nerve pain throughout the body.

Our Doctors provide a thorough examination that gets to the root cause of the problem.   In many cases, the cause of pain may have been overlooked and when addressed, the chronic condition, even one that has been present for years, can be totally resolved.

Our treatment includes teaching patient’s how to manage their pain naturally and more effectively. Treatment is gentle and specific.  We take the time to relax the body and enhance the healing process with home care advice, therapeutic and breathing exercises and even dietary choices that can help reduce chronic  inflammation.


::  A truly unique approach

Our approach to chiropractic is truly unique. Dr Perri has a Diplomate in Rehabilitation and both she and Dr. Jodi Bolsenbroek continue an avid course of study so that they can provide patients with the latest methods and treatments for the most rapid and effective pain relief and treatment of complex or chronic conditions.

Treatment at Wellness Springs is progressive. What this means is that treatment changes as you improve.   Our goal is to restore  function  and support you through a rehabiliative phase of care where a program of home exercises is specifically designed to address any underlying weakness, inflexibility, asymmetry, lack of balance, poor posture or faulty movement pattern that may  be perpetuating your condition.


:: What sets us apart?

  • Our holistic approach addresses the mind, body and spirit
  • We take the time to really listen and understand your condition and concerns
  • We perform a thorough physical examination to find the underlying and too often overlooked causes
  • Our doctors are committed to clinical excellence and offer the latest evidence-based services
  • The goal of our active care approach is to empower our  patients to participate in their recovery
  • Our focus on rehabilitation and restoring  function helps manage chronic conditions
  • We offer many complimentary services like acupuncture, massage or functional movement training and  provide an integrated program of care for the best possible resolution of chronic and complicated conditions.
  • We offer Functional Movement training and classes that are designed for  return to activity slowly and safely, at your own pace


 ::  “Once you start going, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life” is NOT true at our office

The old adage “Once you start going, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life” is not true at our office. In fact, our Doctors are careful to avoid fostering dependency using this “active care”  treatment approach .  Chronic conditions take time and a willingness to make changes.   Often times, underlying causative issues must be addressed.  These can be poor posture while sitting at a computer or while driving, poor patterns of lifting and bending, lack of coordination in movement, muscle weakness, poor cardio-vascular fitness, poor balance and general de-conditioning.   Active care includes YOU in the healing process with emphasis on  the importance of healthy habits, a good diet, and the ability to truly love and nurture yourself.  It is empowering and cost-effective.

Patients are encouraged to join our specifically designed  Functional Movement  training and classes which provide a vital stepping stone for return to  an active life.


:: Can chiropractic help you?

Call for a consultation to see if chiropractic can help you better manage your chronic pain.


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Our active care approach is highly effective for chronic pain
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