Acupuncture for pain relief

Acute pain injuries are usually a result of a trauma or accident but they can also be a result of repetitive stress on a joint or muscle. Treating acute pain with acupuncture provides immediate relief of the tension in muscles and soft tissue like tendons and ligaments. The benefit is that it relieves pressure on the nerves and bones affected by the trauma and it increases blood flow to the injury. Decreasing pressure and increasing blood flow will help the area heal more quickly.


:: Trigger Point

The style of acupuncture that has proven to be most effective for acute and chronic structural injuries and pain is called Trigger Point. It was researched and developed by cardiologist Dr. Janet Travell, JFK’s doctor during his years in the White House.  It is well known that JFK suffered terrible back pain following a war injury.  Dr. Travell noted that all muscles when palpated at specific locations, if they are constricted, will have “trigger points” that cause a predictable pain pattern, for example, down the leg or arm.

Trigger Point acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the trigger points causing the muscle to fasciculate or twitch. This twitching engages a protective mechanism in the muscle that signals the nervous system to release the tension in the muscle reflexively. When trigger point acupuncture is combined with chiropractic, good nutrition and restful sleep it allows the area to heal and the whole body to regain balance.


:: Acupuncture effective for Sports, Auto and Work Injuries

The reason trigger point or motor point release acupuncture  is so effective for treating injuries is two-fold; by relieving the stress or tension on the affected area(s) it allows the body to relax into a more neutral position and not create a “ripple” effect of pain or dysfunction in other areas.  Secondly, acupuncture increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area(s) helping to relieve the pain from swelling & pressure which can cause long term damage. This calms the nervous system so restful sleep can occur speeding the healing process up immeasurably. This is an enormous benefit to the athlete who does not want to be laid up for long.

The immediate effects can feel like lingering post-workout soreness that fades over a 48 hour period. The benefits of this style are very long lasting. It is particularly effective for the treatment of sciatica, tennis elbow, achilles tendon and rotator cuff injuries, among many other things.


:: Get back to doing what you love

As trigger point and motor point release are decidedly Western based approaches, we combine them with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) acupuncture to round out whole-body wellness. This combination lends itself quite naturally to treating structural imbalances that constrict motion and limit activity.The major obstacles to healing for most athletes or dancers are patience and a willingness to allow the area(s) involved to rest and recover.


:: Can acupuncture help you?

Call for a consultation to see if acupuncture could help resolve acute or chronic sports or dance injuries. Even if you’ve had it a while, acupuncture can still be a very effective way to resolve it.


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